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Interactive Maps
Custom Maps
Information managed through the Washington Hometown website can be used to create custom maps - both interactive and printable. Maps can be created for many different groups.
  • Businesses - Custom maps, both printable and interactive, can be an excellent way for businesses to promote themselves. These maps can be created to promote a business or they can be sold.
This is part of a fishing map created for Red's Fly Shop. We made four maps of fishing on the Yakima River which they printed on canvas and sell in their shop.
  • Community groups and non-profits - maps can be created to help illustrate issues of concern to a community group, they can help facilitate discussion, and they can support grant applications.
  • Events - an event map can include the event location, participating organizations (sponsors, hotels offering special rates), and places that would be of interest to event participants.
Map created for Mid Columbia Fisheries to support a grant application.
  • Maps can mix information from the database with custom information, such as the barn quilt tour areas in this map.
Map for the Kittitas County Barn Quilt Trail.
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