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Interactive Maps
Data Management
Washington Hometown uses a unique 21st Century approach to map making. We put data management first - gathering and maintaining information about local events, points of interest and recreation. We use this information to create maps that can help you navigate the state. As you drive through the state, our interactive maps can help you find out what is nearby. When planning a trip, our maps can help you decide where to go and what to do.

Our approach goes beyond just interactive maps for tourism. The information that we gather can also help people learn about the history, culture, and science of the state; it can be used to create printable maps for tourism, education, or even grants; and our database can be used for organizations that want to manage information for their own use. 

We GATHER information for the database from many sources including community partners and public agencies. We ORGANIZE that information in one place, adding information about each place. We MAINTAIN the information, regularly updating each record.

Core Services
Washington Hometown Community Sourcing Database
Version 1 of our database was run as a stand-alone Microsoft Access application.
Version 2, coming soon, will be accessible through our website. People will be able to add, edit, and search for places.