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Core Services
Media - Maps for Newspapers, Magazines and Books
Washington Hometown can create maps to illustrate a newspaper story, magazine article or book. These maps can help people find the resource, better understand it, or they can serve as an index, showing the location of each item discussed in the story.
Two versions of maps that could be used to illustrate Ellensburg Daily Record stories on the Manastash Ridge Trails System and Beezley Hills Preserve.
Maps can be created on an individual basis at our standard rate of $60/hour.

We also have a package for newspapers or magazines that want to run maps with their travel articles. These maps will use a standard template that will be developed in collaboration with your graphic team. Each map will be designed independently to highlight the most relevant features related to the article. Each map will consist of two pieces: a map focused on the area discussed in the article and a smaller inset map showing the location in relation to the county or state. In addition to print maps, we offer an interactive map that can serve as an index to your travel articles. Each place that you have written up will be on the map with a link to the article. You can customize the text, photos and symbols used on this map. The story of the week can be highlighted.

The cost for this package is:
  • $130/month for a weekly map and an interactive map with all of the places that have been featured in articles.
  • $120/month for a weekly map and KML or Shapefile of the recreation areas for organizations that already have web maps.
  • $110/month for weekly maps with no interactive mapping.
  • $80/month for interactive maps updated weekly with no print maps
Contact us for prices for bi-weekly or monthly publications.